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I want to first congratulate you on making the effort to visit this page.. It does not matter whether you came here out of curiosity or whether you are frustrated with how your business is going or maybe it's that you have lost hope of salvaging whatever you have left of your dream of having a successful business. Whatever your reason, as a small business owner myself, you are in good company here! 

In owning a number of small and medium businesses in the past & currently,  I understand how you feel.. I myself have experienced the frustrations and also lost hope until one day I mad a decision that I would have to find a better way! 

One of the first things I learnt was that when my business was suffering.. I was suffering too.. and  when I was suffering, my business was suffering and my personal life & health was also suffering. As you can see it's a vicious cycle that can contaminate your mind and your business. So as part of my journey, I went on a mission to find out what causes most businesses to fail (In the hope that I could fix the same challenges in my businesses) however I also looked for what it would take to make my business successful.

So When I dug deeper into why businesses fail within the first 5 years, here is what I found to be the challenges;


  • Inadequate research into the market & competitors prior to Start up 
  • Under capitalised at Start up & Cash-flow Challenges
  • Ineffective management practices
  • No or very little operational systems, processes & procedures
  • Hiring staff that do not fit the business strategy & culture
  • No Financial Discipline
  • Investment into ineffective marketing & Sales strategies
  • Inability to innovate, move with the market and create new products & offerings
  • Lack of business planning
  • No Investment in themselves or their Team
  • Not Adapting to technology
  • Inadequate Risk Management
  • No Succession planning

Wow... You may be thinking, there is so much to know to make your business successful... My Answer Yes, & No. Yes, there are many aspects to business success, however the good news is, you don't have to do it on your own. This is where I will guarantee you that I can add value... even in as little as an hour! 

But you may be wondering what makes me qualified? Well.. apart from running a number of successful businesses myself, at the age of 20, I opened a retail business and was able to sell it at a 700% profit.... Yes, $700% profit. I don't tell you this to impress you! I am telling you this to impress upon you that there is hope for your business, however you need the right help.

With my experience over the past 20 years, I am able to help you transform your business into a profit making machine.


So if you want to give your business New Hope,  I am willing to offer you an obligation FREE Strategy Session. Yes, Its free.. No Catches or fine print.

The only thing I will ask for is for you to complete a questionnaire (which I will keep confidential). By having this, I will be able to do some valuable pre-work and research so that you can get the best value out of your FREE Strategy Session.

Also, as I am currently in demand, I will only be offering these sessions to the first 20 businesses who take action now and want to give their business New hope!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me on 1300 926 224 or if your ready to take action, complete the form at the top of this page and I will be in contact to confirm the session.

Thanks Again for taking the time to read this and I look forward to partnering you on your journey to being the owner of a successful business!

Signed with Success


Simon Boutros

Business Transformation Coach